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By schmadrian (registered) | Posted January 10, 2007 at 16:51:53

Um... You're missing my points entirely. Methinks you might just be too close to the trees...

My 'complaint' in both instances is two-fold. First, with the incessant 'Cars are bad! Bad cars!' spiel that Jason launches into. Ad nauseam. That argument does not address what the commenter had proposed. So to me, it's actually trite. Just to clarify, I am FOR well-designed mass transit. I am AGHAST at the foundation that North America has been built on, the car, which permeates every single aspect of life here. So guys, choose your expression, whichever one works for you, but 'You're preaching to the converted', or 'Singing to the choir'. Regardless of your choice, I'm not the enemy, here.

Secondly, in both instances I tend to cringe at the tendency to revert to a propogated media perception of events...combined with RTH rhetoric. But this is less about ideology than about editorial professionalism. I'm not necessarily asking you to take both sides in a story about pedestrian lights (remember, this is the guy who doesn't own a car, who spends almost all of his time on sidewalks and navigating crossings...), but I think you need to take a look at how you present things here, especially when it comes to the primary lifestyle aspect in these here parts, the automobile. There are times when I'm reminded of a high school or college publication with earnest rants about keg-party restrictions.

There is no more important subject than the environment. But in a nutshell, I suspect a lot of energy that is spent on vitriol being launched at anything to do with petroleum-industry-based-vehicles, that energy could be better apportioned to causes where you can effect change. You might think I'm splitting hairs here, but I'm not. Because in the main, when we're looking at the bigger picture, there's only two things gonna wholesale change things re: the automobile: crisis...and innovation. And really, they're both out of the hands of the average person.

Anyway, this isn't the place for 'discussion'. These should be done in-person. (And not over beer.)

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