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By g. (anonymous) | Posted February 22, 2009 at 01:09:48

the odd thing about this is that there really isn't that much vehicular traffic related to this intersection heading north/south. if you look at a map and think about it, very few cars or trucks emerge from the jackson square or city centre ramp, ie. north bound. very few cars or trucks head south bound on mcnab, because you are either heading into the loading docks if you continue straight or you are turning left onto york, but why would you unless you are coming out of a parking lot and there are equally as accessible ways to go, vine being one of them. regardless there is no through traffic and the amount of through traffic should decrease along york after the two way conversion. it happened on james north.

this really is a very specific intersection in terms of pedestrian use because so many people use it to get to the library and market where it is most efficient to cross. it is not however,in any similar significant way specific for cars or trucks except those who need to enter the market loading area or the jackson square loading area. if this intersection was indeed turned into a scramble by say having the vehicles heading north or south wait twice as long or even three times as long, vehicular traffic that could would find another equally opportune way of reaching their goal.

slowing down the maybe 50 or so vehicles a day who must use this intersection is immeasurably more economical than slowing down the hundreds or thousands of people using the intersection each day. i'm thinking specifically of the pedestrian zoo the intersection is on a saturday when there is almost no north south vehicle traffic during market or library hours.

keep in mind as well that i am one of those people driving into the loading docks, and i would rather wait an extra 20 or 30 seconds in exchange for a more friendly pedestrian crossing. i have never had to wait, in 17 years of using that intersection more than one light cycle. in fact i can't think the last time i have waited at that light heading north or south with more than two other vehicles. compare this to many other intersections in the city where two or three light cycles are needed to make it through an intersection. this is not a hub of vehicular congestion that we need to be worrying about efficiencies.

i do think that it is remarkable that the city is making this stretch two way. i applaud the efforts of all involved and urge them to keep up the good work. it is the single most important thing the city can do to encourage the type of revival that is starting on james noth, converting all inner city one way streets, including cannon and main into two way streets.

traffic TO the city, not THROUGH the city!

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