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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted February 23, 2009 at 23:06:46

Reuben, what I like about Denmark's tax system is the break it gives lower income earners. However, this low rate should be extended upwards to over 65K USD, the average GDP/capita of Denmark. As it stands today, the top rate kicks in at 70K USD, too high if you want to keep the big brains from leaving.

JonC, I stand corrected, your numbers are correct, it appears the government has two sets of numbers for average home prices.

>> And your one and only solution to anything wrong with Hamilton is to 'cut tax rates'. All that does is put Hamilton's taxes per household even lower than the examples you brought up.

Why would Hamilton be any different than the other cities we have been talking about? These communities, with lower tax rates, pay more per property, not less. However, even if this turned out to be the case, what would be wrong with paying less in taxes, if by doing so, our property values went up. Are you telling me that paying less in taxes and having your property value rise is a bad thing?

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