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By Ariel (anonymous) | Posted February 24, 2009 at 09:43:54

The PanAm vote is done and I agree with Merulla that it was a big mistake and with McCarthy who called the lure of the games 'fools gold'. But it is done and Council will have to live with the consequences unless they luck out and Bogota wins the games. Then what will you say to the TiCats now that Council is on record that Ivor Wynne is a bad stadium that can't be fixed. Do you tell Bob Young to shove it? No, you now have to build a stadium at full cost because you have conceded the point on Wynne's viability. Another dumb move.

As for Jason asking me to make the case for the Parkway. I don't need to Jason. You and your buddies will always dismiss the Lowes or PetSmarts or Silver City's or Leon's or the banks or gas stations or car lots or homes that have been facilitated by the road. These activities represent more tax dollars to pay for crime fighting in the failing downtown where only fools want to invest. Sad but true.

But Jason, if you don't believe the activity around the road, just go there on a weekmorning or afternoon or weekend and see happy Hamiltonians use the road. Then drive to Centennial or Kenilworth and see the trucks NOT on those roads because of the parkway....I know that won't convince you, but just do it. It may teach you something about success.

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