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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted February 24, 2009 at 10:30:19

Kudos to Hart Solomon for giving RTH a full explanation of the assumptions and reasoning behind the analysis.

RTH readers might not agree with the assumptions, but it is really helpful to the public to know what went into the decision.

In cases like this (where a neighbourhood is being redeveloped and intensified) it would be helpful to get traffic people working directly with the urban planners. They could look at scenarios where overall traffic volume might change, by comparing with other similar developments. There are many cases where removing a major road (Embarcadero freeway in San Francisco) lead to no major increase in traffic because people choose other routes, travel at off-peak times or switch modes.

Studies used by Metrolinx show that a major component of traffic is non-commuting, related to leisure, business or shopping. These trips can easily be re-routed or re-scheduled.

As Ryan points out, one of Hamilton's official goals is to double per capita transit use. We should be planning as if we will actually achieve this goal, not assuming we will fail!

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