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By jason (registered) | Posted February 24, 2009 at 17:00:03

Yea, I remember seeing that 'intensification' plan a yaer or two ago and realizing that it's already being destined for the trash heap like Vision 2020. At least they aren't lying to us anymore. Vision 2020 led us all to believe that we were actually going to make decisions based on it's criteria. With this plan at least they are honest enough to say "We ain't intensifying. We'll stick in there somewhere in the distant future so future councils can stick it further ahead in the future and the status quo can reign supreme".

If we get LRT it will be interesting to see if we'll line the route with box stores and strip malls or if developers will start trying to build higher densities as they do in every other city, only to be met with our city hall refusal. LRT is a magnet for quality, high density development. It's one of the reasons that I believe our city's future hinges on us building a system. If we don't, there will be zero incentive for anyone to break out of this lame status quo we've become addicted to.

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