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By Ariel (anonymous) | Posted February 25, 2009 at 18:17:32

Crap said, "Questio (sic) - how do we decide who "the bums" are, and where to (double sic) we "ship" them?

I don't agree that we should ship anyone out of town. Our town has room for everyone, even bums. It would be nice to go downtown on a nice day like today and see more than just bums however on King Street from James to Hughson on the north side. I have noticed that decent people walk on the other side and I was tempted today but resisted. It wasn't pretty though....people talking to themselves, one guy glaring at everyone and the scooters almost ran me over. Sad but true.

These are the 'unfortunate' Hamiltonians who need help and social programs. Who pays for these programs? It is those people in the suburbs who pay taxes and those industrial parks with the Pet Smarts and the Leon's and the Cineplexes that's who.

It is also the people who live in decent homes in Durand and Beasley and Corktown who choose to shop anywhere but downtown becasue of the scene I described above. So if you want to focus on anything focus on cleaning things up instead of pipe dreams like the Pan Am games.

And don't criticize those who want to do business in the Industrial parks you seem to have a problem with. By the way, I don't see any houses on these parks. Am I missing something?

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