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By jason (registered) | Posted February 26, 2009 at 22:45:56

yea, you're right. Hamilton really needs people like this. What would we do without squelchers and naysayers?

You've obviously never read RTH. It's ALL about DEVELOPMENT. You self-proclaimed "business-friendly" types like the media and elites in our city have been proclaiming to be the advocates for 'business-first' and 'business-friendly' for decades. Just one small problem. The economy has gone one direction during the past 2 decades with all these Chamber types and backroom bidness folks in charge. Gum flapping might work with those in Hamilton with their heads buried in the sand, but for anyone who's been paying attention it's clear to see that the policies from the 1960's that we still employ have NOT worked. Do some research on LRT and do some reading on and tell me what the common thread is? DEVELOPMENT, DEVELOPMENT, DEVELOPMENT. Thankfully, the clueless folks in Hamilton are dwindling. More and more people are tuning into the fact that bidness as usual is what got us into this mess (please go and read 'The media, the mafia and the party machine'. Just as true today as it was when it was written). A different path and new ideas is what will dig us out of this mess. It's good to know that we'll always have ancient throwbacks like you who will resist change and prosperity to the bitter end hoping and grasping for the small inner circle of bidness and back-room dealers to remain in charge at the expense of the citizens and future of this city. The boat has sailed my friend. Change is not only coming, it's already here! Fight it all you want, but Hamilton's future is brighter than ever and all the squelching in the world won't change it!

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