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By diggler (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2007 at 21:42:12

ya, it is a great system: 350,000+ riders/day. that's part of the problem, though. how many more riders would this project attract? it was estimated that a mere 1000 [net] new users would be attracted by 2020. would that be enough to rationalize such an outlay of cash?

most of ottawa's population lies between kanata in the west and orleans in the east. the proposed north-south line was to run to land slated for development. the line would pass through farmland, the greenbelt and land currently in dispute by aboriginal groups. it wasn't even planned to connect to the airport.

it is true that the south is poorly served by transit, though the introduction of the o-train has helped to some degree. if you don't know, the o-train is a deisel-powered train that serves the south. it runs from greenboro through carleton u to bayview which is on the transitway and close to downtown.

another problem is that the plan had called for a cancellation of express bus service. this would have required people to take a train that took longer than the bus.

not surprisingly, i suppose, there wasn't enough transparency with this project. there is even an investigation of bribery involving seimens and the city of ottawa. typical city politics, i guess. anyway, i do have very mixed feelings about the project being canned because i think it just came down to baird [and harper] being idiots. nothing new there.

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