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By Cheer Leader (anonymous) | Posted February 27, 2009 at 14:10:31

Hamilton suffers a serious case of self loathing. That gives a new stadium positive potential (the city's favourite word) even if the economic arguments trotted out to support it are suspect. It's divisive to overstate and understate the benefits of these projects, and to continue to do so after the decisions have been made.

Whatever happens, the city will roll on and so will our lives which we'll continue to make the best of regardless of the blather that surrounds these events. It would be a very big change for Hamilton if we avoid falling into political sides based upon perceptions of historical associations.

That isn't easy. It was Florida after all who talked about "squelchers" which is little more than name calling. People should be able to question whether a project is actually an example of creative thinking and the best bang for the civic buck without being called names.

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