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By jason (registered) | Posted February 27, 2009 at 22:52:38

Hi Larry. thanks for chiming in on this. I appreciate you clarifying your personal stance on Red Hill lands. And no, didn't slam your 'fists' on the table. It was just one fist. LOL. I took it as your personal passion to see the Red Hill project succeed. I was unaware of behind the scenes pressure you were facing to convert some of those lands to residential. Hamilton has had a rotten time in the planning area over the years. We spend all this money on expensive highway projects such as the Linc, Red Hill and 403 extension only to line them with sprawl homes and box stores. The QEW from Halton to Toronto and 401 in the Golden Horseshoe is lined with industrial plants and offices. At least those cities are seeing an increase in their tax base with such ventures. We just keep increasing the debt burden with more roads and more sprawl.

By the way, best of luck with The Hamilton Grand. It's certainly one of the best looking projects to come to these parts in a long time. I hope to see it built. Cheers

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