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By Moseby (registered) | Posted February 28, 2009 at 00:04:12

I'm not a fan of Rosie DiManno or her writing style, but I wonder if she doesn't have a point here. I'm not completely convinced that the PanAm games are a good idea for Hamilton either. To me, they seem like they'll be a giant waste of money. I hate to see this city spending tons of money on something when there isn't any guarantee of a big payoff at the end. There are countless examples of cities going into serious debt from hosting things like this. I just think that this PanAm bid is another example of Hamilton moving in the wrong direction. Instead of focusing on projects that have proven to provide a payoff, we're going to sink millions into a sporting event that might make money for a few rich investors whilst the rest of the public foots the bill.

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