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By UrbanRenaissance (registered) | Posted March 03, 2009 at 08:35:15

A-Idiot's hyperbole aside, the fact of the matter is, there was a demand in this city for expanded commuter service to Toronto which the private sector (Greyhound, VIA, etc.) did not step up to satisfy and now the government has. Between this and the fact that our usually ineffectual city council was partly responsible for it I can see why A Smith's fur is up since his usual mantra of private industry good, government bad does not apply here.

However, to me this is more about better service through increased efficiency. Rather than have the trains stored in Mimico and brought here (empty!) to start their daily runs, they're stored here overnight (creating a few new security and maintenance related jobs) so they can start earlier and get an extra trip into Toronto. I would imagine if all 3 levels of government conducted rigorous audits for their spending habits millions, maybe even billions of dollars could be saved solely through eliminating pork spending and increasing efficiencies.

Getting back to the actual topic of this post however, kudos to Counselor Bratina and Metrolinx. What I'd love to see next is better bus service from Hamilton along the 407 to Mississauga and Toronto's north end. Currently all we have is the express service from Hamilton/Guelph to York University.

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