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By JonC (registered) | Posted March 03, 2009 at 14:53:03

Of course none of ASmith's blathering has to do with the GO train, just his ideology. Thanks again.

I can't believe you have the nerve to disparage the poor for not contributing to society and then immediately go to how much larger the income gap is. If the same number of people account for an increasing share of an area's total income then of course they're going to be paying more taxes you cut-and-paste economist.

Oh, and the main reason that government expenditures as a percentage of GDP in the states rose in 2001 was that some guys drove a few planes into a few buildings causing direct military expenditures to rise 50% as well as outsourcing of the military, creating whole new departments dedicated to eavesdropping and whatever else they think they think stopped people from flying planes into buildings. Unless of course you think the private sector should start forming their own militias (don't say yes to that, you're already despicable enough).

And most importantly, the good things that I referenced don't cost me or anyone else a cent, and I've had hundreds if not thousands already today.

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