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By ACSial (anonymous) | Posted March 07, 2009 at 18:29:33

It seems to be the default position of so many otherwise intelligent people, to dismiss concerns about immigration as "xenophobia". Here are a few points:

*Population growth will always equal an increase in land (and potable water, food) consumption, NO MATTER WHAT. Large, dense urban areas tax adjacent waterways and the people in them still need to eat. (As farms around Calgary and the GTA get gobbled up by immigrant-inhabited housing developments, less food is produced.)

*Immigrants aren't necessarilly "industrious" and "productive". There are two examples illustrating this: Jane & Finch and the European ghettos (Banlieus, &c.). Most of the people in these suburban developments live on welfare, regardless of whether-or-not they immigrated as 'workers' (the hardworking, welfare-eschewing immigrant stereotype is as false as any other).

*Along with the loss of greenspace and farmland associated with mass-immigration, we do have several "innovations", mostly in the social realm. Khat and doda dealing is one; honour killings (e.g., Aqsa Parvez) is another. The boldness of new criminals (Fresh Off the Boat and FOK-Killers, United Nations Gang) exceeds the levels of criminality of the Hell's Angels and other 'homegrown' thugs. Now, MS-13 is settling in... The fact that (CSIS estimates) only about 10% of (legal) new arrivals get background checks is worrisome.

*The developing world needs to curb its absurdly-high birthrate. Poverty isn't the cause--CULTURE is. Thanks to the Total War Economy (WW I-II), European and North American women experienced social changes (acceptance of outside-the-home work) that lead to reduced birthrates. The biblethumpers' influence warped the Bush administration's policies and lead to cuts to 3rd world family planning programmes. We need to make developing countries adopt responsible immigration policies.

All this 'smart growth' crap is not going to stop the effects of OVER A QUARTER MILLION (probably, closer to 400k, factoring in 'temporary' and illegal immigration) people a year. No amount of PC weaseling about can make it go away.

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