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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted March 07, 2009 at 20:02:23

ACScial >> Population growth will always equal an increase in land

Canada's population density is 3 people per/km2. In the UK it is 246, Germany 232 and Japan 339. I think we have a little time before we run out of land.

>> The developing world needs to curb its absurdly-high birthrate.


>> Immigrants aren't necessarilly "industrious" and "productive"

Agreed, but most people willing to pack up and leave their relatives and come to a foreign culture, likely have something on the ball. If you want to impose limits on the amount of social benefits they get, that's fine, but why bar someone who simply wants to work. All humans deserve the opportunity to live a better life, so anybody who wants to come here to WORK, should be allowed. Whether that's 250k a year, or 2M a year.

>> All this 'smart growth' crap is not going to stop the effects of OVER A QUARTER MILLION (probably, closer to 400k, factoring in 'temporary' and illegal immigration) people a year.

Increasing population is a sign of life. That's what life does, it grows. Yes, there are challenges that come along with the influx of new cultures, but most people are not trouble makers and simply want to provide for themselves and their family. I enjoy the fact that new cultures bring new ways of doing things, it makes life more interesting. Furthermore, there is no evidence that human beings are running out of food. If anything, we have too much food, as witnessed by our large bodies.

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