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By ACSial (anonymous) | Posted March 08, 2009 at 18:55:41

Why are immigrants settling in SOUTHERN Ontario, why NORTHERN Ontario loses population?

The Developing World needs to curb it's birthrate because PEOPLE THERE ARE STARVING AND KILLING THEMSELVES DUE TO OVERPOPULATION! the Darfur conflict is largely due to more people chasing fewer resources (water, arable and grazing land). Food riots are common in places like India. Do the math: having half as many children means twice as much food. 3rd World fecundity is not the developing world's problem, regardless of how politically-incorrect or cruel that sounds. We have to be more 'yetzer hara' about this and make these societies accept responsibility for their own misery. You can't expect to climb out of poverty if you have a dozen children per family.

Also, remember WW II? Germany, Italy and Japan embarked on a vicious shock-colonization of Eurasia, North Africa and Asia for 'lebensraum'. And the Axis countries weren't STARVING. I'm queasy at the thought that countries like Pakistan have NUKES (and at the same place, politically, that Germany was in the 1930s)... This is a national-security issue, as much as anything else.

Contrary to what the New Green Revolution crowd likes to bullshit about, food scarcity IS an issue. Imputs like ammonium nitrate get costlier, as gas prices rise. Remember the food price-spike last year? That's a preview of coming attractions. India is one country that depends on groundwater for much of its agriculture and that will be out of the picture in a generation. Fish stocks also seem to be heading permanently down the toilet; this has serious implications for countries in North Africa and South-East Asia, who will have to consume more cereals in the fishes' stead. People HERE have 'large bodies' precisely because we produce enough for our needs (and the Naomi Wolf-types have glamourized obesity). People in most places in the world are STARVING!

We can't just tolerate population growth as some sort of inevitability. The only people who benefit from bulging demographics are land speculators and developers.

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