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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted March 09, 2009 at 00:03:15

ACSial >> Why are immigrants settling in SOUTHERN Ontario, why NORTHERN Ontario loses population?

That's where the jobs are, the cultural ties, etc.


If the majority of people in Africa were actually starving, then population growth rates should be negative, not the highest in the world. Women need calories to be fertile, so the evidence suggests that the continent has enough food.

>> make these societies accept responsibility for their own misery.

I agree that simply giving money to Africa is not a good thing, but allowing people to come here to work is. We live in a country that is based on freedom and liberty for the individual, so anytime we can help people achieve this, the world and this country is a better place for it.

>> People in most places in the world are STARVING!

If that's the case, then overpopulation is not a problem. Like I said before, women need sufficient calories to make a baby, so if there aren't enough, then no more babies.

>> The only people who benefit from bulging demographics are land speculators and developers.

Every business in Canada benefits from a growing population, from retailers, to developers, to restaurants. More people equals more customers and more income for shareholders. If food becomes more expensive, then perhaps we will begin to eat less, until some genius figures out how to grow food vertically, which apparently is already in the planning stages.

Human population is not a problem, but merely a byproduct of our success. Stop believing the people who think that "life" is the problem, it isn't.

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