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By ACSial (anonymous) | Posted March 09, 2009 at 20:08:15

" prices did jump from 2006 to 2008, but they're on their way back down."

Been at a supermarket, lately?

There have been serious food-supply issues. Other than Zimbabwe's engineered fallow-lands mess, shortages of cereals are what's driving food shortages in parts of the world. Things like colony-collapse disrder aren't helping, cutting yields in North America. The Prairies will get another dustbowl, sooner rather than later. That'll be fun. I can't fathom why you people are playing 'here-no-evil' on this very real issue.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community here in Calgary has actually planned such an exclusive community. Presumably, bylaw officers will ticket women who walk the streets without bags on their heads. Really, the Ahmadiyyas, Salafis and other Qur'an-thumpers should just move to Dubai. People who come here have to respect the local culture. Hérouxville was sensible about this. I once listened to an Imam (guest lecturer in a RELS class) rant and rave about how women here dress immodestly, domestic violence laws shouldn't exist and alcohol should be banned. Fuck that. We don't have to tolerate these sort of people.

One problem I've noticed is a growing, unofficial apartheit. I see fewer and fewer interracial and interreligious marriages and couples, even on the Univerity Campus. People in places like Holland noticed this LONG ago: guys won't marry local girls, but send away for brides from the 'homeland'. This endogamy isn't really helping diversity (either cultural, or genetic--all the cousin-fuckers in some South Asian communities in the UK have been having ALARMING rates of genetic illnesses). Far too many immigrants don't even bother to learn English or French, since services (government forms, ATMs, lawyers, doctors) are available in their 'own' languages. This is not 'diversity'--it's APARTHEID!

Canada's government treated old immigrants like dirt. They taxed Chinese people (& banned them from owning guns), didn't allow Jews to flee the Holocaust and interred Japanese, Italian, Ukrainian, German and Hungarian CITIZENS (& took their property), even though NOT A ONE did anything seditious. Now, we've gone to the other silly extreme, bringing in seditious scum like the Khadr family. (BTW, the Americans can kill Ronald Smith, for all I care. It's great when someone else wants to dispose of your garbage.)

As for food, that's why I like the 'melting-pot' idea, better than 'multiculturalism'. Intermarriage is also a positive outcome of 'diversity' (e.g., people who look like Wentworth Miller, or my cousin)...but this only happens if people ASSIMILATE. Culture and language are also non-negotiable. People should function in either of the official languages and tragedies like Aqsa Parvez should NEVER happen.

By all means, have immigration...but keep the numbers to 'below-replacement' (i.e., ~80,000 a year) and slam the brakes on ALL virgin land development.

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