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By jason (registered) | Posted March 21, 2006 at 09:20:37

I realize that neighbourhood parking concerns are the reason for city hall to have these parking laws in place, but I think a developer should have the right to say "I'm building a trendy, walk-up loft and don't want any parking. If a prospective buyer needs parking, he's looking at the wrong project." Currently, there are times where the city will make an exception and not force a developer to have parking in their project, but they then force them to 'buy' spaces from surrounding lots for the use of their tenants. Again, if a developer wants to do that, then go ahead. I just don't think it's the city's place to say "you're having parking whether you want it or not." After all, a vibrant, successful city will be one with several condo/loft/apartment projects where the residents live just fine without cars. If we keep mandating that parking spaces must be provided then we are shooting ourselves in the foot. A retailer will say "heck, I don't need to open a store downtown. They all have cars and Main and King are highways. They can make the 10 minute drive to the Meadowlands." Yea, the 10 minute drive. The hour bus ride and impossible bike ride. End result? Folks say "gee, I need a car if I'm going to live in this city" and we undermine all the hard work at downtown revitalization by maintaining our poor treatment of people who use any other form of transportation than the almighty car.

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