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By J. Swift (anonymous) | Posted March 12, 2009 at 22:24:24

1. Lyin McGetreal
2. WWJD...What Would Jason Do?
3. The unused half of Fred's Brain.
4. Nicole I'msotyred
5. Andrew Smurfchel
6. Matt Jelly's Hookah
7. Grassboots
8. Evelyn Dyck
9. Alfred E. Christopherson
10.Morteza Bringmeyourpoor
11.The NDP Caucus
12.Dalton McGuilty
13.Lloyd I'mnotMurrayson
14.Bernie Morality
15.Sammy Stadium
16.Boob Bragina
17.Andrea Blowrvath
18.Laura Bangkok
19.Bill and Donna S. Kelly
20.John IusedtobeaTory

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