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By (anonymous) | Posted January 15, 2007 at 16:01:13

I've always, up till now, thought that tolling roads was a great idea - user pay! But recently I've been taking more seriously the voices of the anti-poverty activists that might say in response to this idea that this will only serve to widen the gap between rich and poor - after all just who will be the firest forced off the road because they can't pay? Probably not most of the upper classes (some may choose to out of outrage at being charged). Folks living on the edge will be further disadvantaged. And I'm not sure that poorer folks (with less professional jobs etc) have the same flexibility in regards to where they can live or where they can work, to the extent that the more well off can.
Food for thought anyway... I'd sure like to discourage car culture, but can't think my way out of the immediate social implications of user pay.

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