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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted March 20, 2009 at 02:31:27

Ryan, if living downtown is what people wanted then they would move there of their own volition. The downtown core would be a busy, thriving, growing neighbourhood. Instead we have a place most people are trying to avoid. That is not my prejudice it is what people are doing. I think you are the one who is letting their prejudices cloud their reasoning. If you are living downtown and like it then enjoy it just realize that you are in the minority and stop trying to force your values on the rest of the world. Sure there are good things about living downtown but it is not something that appeals to the vast majority of people. You have a very strong sense of what the world should be like. The one thing that is missing from most of your ideals is reality. It is not hard to figure out what people want. Where do people strive to live? Where do they want to shop? It sure is not downtown.

You have on several occasions mentioned subsidies for roads and now for houses. Where does all this money come from? Where does the city, any city, get there money? Where do the provincial and federal governments get their money? Could it possibly from all those motorists paying huge amounts of taxes when they buy a car, gas and repairs? I do not agree with all the money that the U.S. and Canadian Governments are putting into the Detroit three but that is why, the car industry is a huge contributor to our economy. How heavily subsidized are those amenities you say you enjoy, the library, the churches and the pools? It is the people in Ancaster paying huge property taxes that pay for a lot of your amenities. Have you not heard their complaints about exactly this?

It is obvious by reading your posts that you are an educated and intelligent man, if we could only give you a little dose of reality.

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