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By Brandon (registered) | Posted March 23, 2009 at 19:09:14

I'm not sure about this. Many people argued that the Canadian banks were too limited by restrictive laws, that they weren't big enough to compete with the US and other international banks.

Yet today, it's those very laws that have turned the Canadian banks into the envy of the world.

What's wrong with requiring a minimum percentage of local ownership? Does US Steel give a damn about Hamilton and the effect shutting the plant down will have? I'm guessing no.

If the workers were more invested in the process, they'd be less likely to have an adversarial relationship with management and would be able to contribute to keeping the plant alive.

We've seen the results of unfettered capitalism on the financial markets, even the dimmest of us should realize that it may not be the best approach. But maybe I'm an optimist...

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