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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted March 24, 2009 at 00:54:20

Grassroots >> Please explain how the people or should I say the workers have control over the business and property taxes imposed?

If the voters told their councillors to cut business property tax rates, I'm sure they would listen. If not, then we live in a dictatorship.

>> No workers, no profits, so to go along with your thinking there about treating others as you want ato be treated, I think it is very important to give recognition to the workers as well as to the capitalist side of things.

You're right. If companies treat their employees poorly, then they will lose them to those who treat them with respect. Respect on both sides is required for a positive relationship.

>> Is it not Mr Capitalist that has pushed for all these bailouts? Is it not Mr Capitalist that has influence the policy makers that have changed the very policies that you go on about?

Right again. So if you're a small business with a good track record, you are suffering from a shortage of capital because the government is giving it to AIG and the banks that made bad investment decisions. Once again, in trying to help the economy, the government is actually causing more problems than it solves. Capital doesn't grow on trees, so when government gives it to people who waste it, it hurts everyone else.

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