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By Steel (anonymous) | Posted March 25, 2009 at 11:50:24

Soooooooo, getting back to Councilor Bratina's point.....

What do people think about it? SHOULD politicians play a bigger role in protecting the steel industry? Will protectionism in the name of saving jobs just make the economy even worse (at least that's a reference to the Great Depression which seems to fit here)? Is public infrastructure spending with CanCon rules enough to provide fresh demand for US Steel Hamilton and get the plant back up and running?

It seems this "LRT made in Hamilton" idea would be a great way of pulling off a win-win-win-win for Hamilton - direct jobs making LRT systems, multiplier spinoff jobs for suppliers (including steel), more property tax for the city, and great marketing PR for taking the lead on light rail.

What do people think?

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