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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted March 26, 2009 at 18:24:08

You have ONE idea for "turning Hamilton into a hotbed for investment". And we all get it.

Why don't you step back for a bit and actually absorb the articles on this site. They are all about making Hamilton a better place to live, and most are about how to encourage good development and curb bad development as well as reducing wasteful spending.

Nobody on here is talking about increasing government handouts and raising taxes. Everyone (except you) is talking about reconfiguring current spending so that it creates wealth instead of destroying it.

Do you understand that many positions held by authors on RTH actually align with yours? Removing arcane bylaw restrictions, not wasting taxpayer dollars in frivolous ways or on dead end projects, etcetera.

The difference between you and most authors and commentators is that no matter how badly we all want lower taxes and less 'meddling', you can't seem to understand the reality that no matter how many times you yell about lower taxes, it isn't going to happen overnight - not to mention the fact that it is a large puzzle with many pieces and no silver bullet answer, which you clearly do not understand.

Jon C is right - you aren't making anyone uncomfortable. You are an annoyance at worst, and at best you are forcing others to articulate arguments against you that are actually based on fact, and with each post you bring another response from another person, resulting in embarrassment no one but yourself.

Cue the response about lower taxes being the only answer

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