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By omro (registered) | Posted March 26, 2009 at 19:03:56

I've only recently started posting here, before now I've enjoyed the articles and blogs and posted thoughts within a different forum. I wasn't going to comment on this, but I'm feeling compelled.

The on topic comments being lost like this in amongst, what I can best describe as rants vs rants... I have to admit that I've totally given up reading either of them. I just scroll down to the next comment, skim to see if it's vaguely on topic, if not skip again, and that's a shame. I might easily have missed a relevant, on topic, point within some rant.

Also the constant hi-jacking of a thread will totally discourage people from posting something that is on topic, because they will think "what's the point? It's only going to get hi-jacked." And it might even discourage some RTH readers from even bothering to read any of the comments anymore, as they aren't on topic.

I second the suggestion that 'A Smith' writes an article for Raise the Hammer, entitled "How Lowering Taxes Will Raise The Hammer". In this article s/he can bring together all the various arguments from all the other comment threads in which s/he has commented. That way the argument can be singular, coherent and not disjointed because it's spread randomly throughout various other threads.

If you focus on, in one place, a well thought out, structured argument, showing all your numbers. Even write some scenarios to illustrate how the "lower tax way" will work better than the current system. Then, accept constructive critiques of your article and write constructive counter arguments.

I for one would read such an article with interest. However, all of these arguments and counter arguments in other threads... well...

Please. I am interested in your point of view on the relevant topic. Others probably are too. You made a very valid and interesting point about immigrants in another thread, which I read before I started scrolling through your posts whenever I see your name.

So, take mine and other people's advice. Contact RTH and write an article and please, from this point on, only respond to the topic at hand, as much as is possible. I myself have a tendency to go off on tangents when something makes me think of something else, but hopefully not always on the same tangent! :-P

Also, this is my tangent, think how much time and energy you're expending every single day on this same topic. You've probably lost hours of your life writing about something that most people are scrolling through. It's a waste. You'd be better off emailing your councillor rather than posting on here about taxation within every unrelated thread.

Write an article for here. Send a letter to the Spec. Set up your own site on taxaton in Hamilton. Start an interest group of concerned citizens who want to see the taxation rates changes, who can lobby City Hall. All of the above.

I am actually interested in the topic of this particular article, "Bratina: Politicians Must Do More for Steel Industry", I even wrote a response to it earlier and it was totally lost in this overwhelming mass of posts on taxation. :-( As have been other people's.

End of my "rant". :-)

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