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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted March 27, 2009 at 08:46:00

Our workers shouldn't have to hear how we're going to set up food banks for them. They should be hearing how we are going to fight to get their jobs back and their factory operating again

The current foodbank system is not feeding the people now and for the most part the food given out is rotten, expired, it does not take into fact nutritional needs or medical needs. You must provide proof that you are in need and if one does complain about the quality of food, you have to tolerate comments from the frontline staff that you should be thankful for the rotten food you get.

It is also curious that the people of Hamilton have not heard a word from the Exeuctive Director of Foodshare about the growing situation in this city. Why no words from this person, why does not this person stand in front of the media blasting the system? Or is it more about the job that person holds that is more important then actually feeding the people that struggle.

How come the foodbanks themselves have no posting of food regulations or inspections? How come people must stand in lines for hours in imclement weather? How come these buildings do not accomodate the disabled or strollers? Why no posting of a phone number where people can make complaints without fear of reprisal?

Foodbanks are not the answer, the people need jobs, they need to know that their pensions are safe. They need adequate amounts of EI, welfare, they need to get rid of Elect to Work and Workfare policies the deny those workers that struggle from being denied their rights under Employment Standards Act.

Power to the People

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