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By BE (anonymous) | Posted March 27, 2009 at 14:36:19

I'm sorry, I can't let this go.

"...The taxpayers pay 50k a year so that someone without a university degree can water the plants. I'm not sure about you, but that seems a little generous for a gardener."

Do you even read the information that you post? You must have stopped at the Job title and ignored the laundry list of varied responsibilities this job entails.

1. Specific and experienced horticultural knowledge. And no, just because you have a backyard garden does not qualify you for this job.

2. Ability to create complex and pleasing displays. Much like a landscape architect... Average salary of a landscape architect you ask? $84000 per year.

3. Must make presentations to the public and interact with the public. That eliminates about 90% of the population right there.

4. Must maintain equipment, like lawn mowers and trimmers. So this person must also be a bit of a mechanic. I'll bet you don't begrudge the average mechanics salary of $50000.

5. Perform minor water pipeline repairs. Oh... and a small time plumber too. Average plumbers salary... $50 000

6. Licensed and experienced pesticide technician as well. Boy this pool of qualified people keeps getting smaller by the second.

7. Must have a DZ license... do you have a DZ license? I don't.

8. I would imagine that this job will require a certain amount of responsibility. You know, working alone, accomplishing tasks with little or no supervision. It's very hard to find reliable employees at $9/hr.

$50000 a year is too much? In my mind it should be just enough to find 2 or 3 qualified candidates. The other 200 that apply will be hoplessly unqualified. That would include you and me by the way.

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