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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted March 27, 2009 at 19:35:28

Z Jones >> The only conclusion *I* can draw is that you keep moving the goalposts when someone calls you out.

Okay, here is a link describing what a landscape architect does, qualifications and salary...( Which one of these jobs requires more time to learn? The one that requires the pesticide license... (, DZ training... (, or the one that requires four years of University?

Be >> 4. Must maintain equipment, like lawn mowers and trimmers. So this person must also be a bit of a mechanic. I'll bet you don't begrudge the average mechanics salary of $50000.

Wrong, this is what it actually says..."Performs preventative maintenance on tools and equipment." Preventative maintenance includes cleaning, oiling, etc, not full blown overhaul and repair. Nice try.

Be >> 2. Ability to create complex and pleasing displays.

The job description doesn't say that, you are making that up. They do mention complex tasks, but what does that mean? The fact that it doesn't list what these complex tasks are, probably means the skills required are pretty generic.

Be >> 3. Must make presentations to the public and interact with the public. That eliminates about 90% of the population right there.

If you work at Tim Horton's you interact with the public all day long. Door to door salespeople make presentations. Neither of them make 50K, more like 20K.

I could go on, but I've made my point.

Z Jones >> Gosh, an organization of professionals who we demand to be highly trained and competent make above average incomes in a city that has 20% poverty?

So you're saying that city employees are roughly twice as skilled, educated and productive then the rest of the people in Hamilton? I'm sure the taxpayers wouldn't agree with you.

How about this for a comparison, a school bus driver who works for a private contractor makes about $12/hour. If you are a bus driver for the city, you make over $20/hour. If you are a janitor for a private building owner, you make $10 -11/hour, if you work for the city, you make $17-18/hour. A city labourer under union contract makes about $20/hour, in the private sector, these jobs earn around $11/hour. A part time city employed cashier makes makes $20/hour, in the private sector, they average about $11-12/hour. A data entry operator in the private sector makes $10-11/hour, if you work for the city, you make about $22/hour. A city loading dock attendant makes $20/hour, only $10-12/hour in the free market.

Are you seeing a trend here? City employees, doing the same jobs as those in the private sector, get paid almost double the wages. If you are unwilling to accept theses facts, then you probably work for the city yourself.

If employee costs, that are currently around $580M, were even reduced by a third, from $580M to $389M, this would amount to a savings of $384/year for every resident of Hamilton. For a family of four, this would leave an additional $1,536 per year to spend on increasing the value of their home, shopping at local stores, dining out at restaurants, etc.

Instead, the relatively low income residents of Hamilton subsidize a small group of people, so that they can enjoy wages they would not be able to demand, if not for the power of taxation and the power of public unions. If you think that's fair, then your an as$@%$&.

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