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By Crln (registered) | Posted March 27, 2009 at 22:28:11

It's cool to read about Roadsworth here, but I think you're a little late in the game, Ryan.

If anyone's curious, Roadsworth decided to plead guilty, was fined $250 and had to perform 40 hours community service, plus was on probation for a while. A McGill Daily interview from a month after his Jan. 2006 sentence is here: His site says that his extremely light sentence may have been because of all the public support.

Afterwards, he started doing commissions, some of which were for the city. I think I read that they could still technically arrest him at any time, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't. Montreal's behind him.

Here's a spacingmontreal article about how the citizens and employees from the St-Pierre neighbourhood hired him to revitalize their main street:

It's neat reading interviews with Roadsworth because he's never pretentious, he doesn't have some kind of manifesto-- I feel like he'd read the discussion on this board and elsewhere and say, "Hmm. Good points." Then he'd shrug and go out and paint another pool ladder on the road's edge. I don't know how lawmakers should deal with people like Roadsworth, but he definitely has brightened many of my days.

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