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By BE (anonymous) | Posted March 28, 2009 at 10:02:48

Thanks for the links A Smith and for proving my point.

Landscape architects may plan and design:

urban, regional and provincial parks.

They may be involved in:

programming for park and public projects and tourist developments

That job posting is for Gage Park, a large Urban park. That offers programs like The Chrysanthemum Show and Spring Tide. It also features large perenial gardens, several display gardens and is host to the City's green house facility that provides flowers and plants to all of the City's parks.

Of course, you would know these things if you had ever been to this park, or even been to the City of Hamilton... or I suspect, even been in the province of Ontario.

I will conceed that this job does does not require a full Landscape Architect but would be perfect for someone who's studying to be one or is a Landscape Architect Technologist. Average salary is $43900 with a range of $31000 - $85000 per year for a technologist.

Bottom line. This is what it costs to hire competent professional people. Sure the City could low ball all their jobs down to $12 - $15 but they're already losing their most qualified people to Burlington and Oakville as it is.

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