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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted March 28, 2009 at 13:54:49

BE >> Landscape architects may plan and design: urban, regional and provincial parks. That job posting is for Gage Park, a large Urban park.

But the job posting is NOT for a landscape architect, it's for a GARDENER. Landscape architects have to take years of specialized and expensive training, whereas the qualifications for the job listing required training of less than a thousand dollars and could be completed in as little as 19 days. Wages are set by supply and demand of people's skills, not where the job is located.

>> but would be perfect for someone who's studying to be one or is a Landscape Architect Technologist

But the job does not explicitly require a Landscape Architect Technologist diploma. If it did, then your argument for the high salary would carry more weight. It simply requires a couple of skills that take little time and money to acquire, which does not explain why the city has to pay 50K.

>> Bottom line. This is what it costs to hire competent professional people.

Did you look at the comparison of jobs in my last post? ...

"How about this for a comparison, a school bus driver who works for a private contractor makes about $12/hour. If you are a bus driver for the city, you make over $20/hour. If you are a janitor for a private building owner, you make $10 -11/hour, if you work for the city, you make $17-18/hour. A city labourer under union contract makes about $20/hour, in the private sector, these jobs earn around $11/hour. A part time city employed cashier makes makes $20/hour, in the private sector, they average about $11-12/hour. A data entry operator in the private sector makes $10-11/hour, if you work for the city, you make about $22/hour. A city loading dock attendant makes $20/hour, only $10-12/hour in the free market."

Explain these wage discrepancies?

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