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By BE (anonymous) | Posted March 28, 2009 at 22:22:46

While I can't explain all of the wage differences and you certainly have a point on a few of the low skilled labour positions, let me float this example by you. Please correct me if this is not how hiring at the minimum wage level is done.

Cleaning and Maintenance company "A" advertises and hires for 5 janitorial/housekeeping positions. The pay is at minimum wage or just above it.

After 1 month of training and actual work one of the new hires simply stopped showing up for work after the first week. Another was fired at week 3, they couldn't hack it. One more is always late and phones in "sick" all the time, they will soon be canned in short order. One other person is a student and will not be around for much longer. The one last person turns out to be competent enough, reliable, always on time. They might last another six months until they find a job that pays more. Lather, rinse, repeat.

From what I understand, the previous example is fairly common when hiring at the minimum wage level. There is a lot of turnover.

It's also my understanding that when municipalities hire they're not looking to hire 5 or 6 gardeners or cashiers or data clerks. They usualy need to fill one position and they don't want to have to fill it again in a month or two.

This is why we as tax payers would be absolutley terrible employers. As a group, we don't put a value on competence and reliability and are therefore unwilling to pay for it.

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