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By LL (registered) - website | Posted April 10, 2009 at 01:07:42


I don't know if you've got your eyes open. People are maaadd rushed in Hamilton, especially in cars, which makes outdoor space constantly treacherous and tense. A lot of H'ians display crassly bourgeois attitudes, despite a lack of riches.


I'm a born and raised Hammertonian from the lunchbucket class. A lot of the LL comrades would probably denounce you as being classist or petty bourgeois or a damn yuppie. But I really relate to what you're saying, even if I think you need to look beyond shopping and walking for new urbanist values.

Hamilton has creative people. But the overall vibe is uber-conformist. I think that's because the class that made Hamilton such a vibrant place in the past - the industrial working class - has been decomposing in NA since the seventies.

For Hamilton's sake, I welcome TO commuters as a source of reinvigorated energy. People who decry gentrification forget that white collars are still working class. They have their own economic stresses and concerns, including precarious employment and a workweek that has transcended the clock.

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