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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted April 16, 2009 at 12:56:52

I hear you Jason. I'm sure he'll be here shortly. In the meantime...

I have many suspicions about these findings. Anyone who works in government knows the monumental inefficiency that presides there. Million dollar projects suspended with no deliverables, consultants billing $100 + an hour and spinning their wheels. A friend of mine works at Smart Systems for Health, which was recently rebranded as EHealth. Millions of dollars worth of invesment and on-going projects were canned because nothing was getting done. There is simply no accountability in government. For every Sheila Fraser audit that comes to light there are a thousand more 'boondoggles' that never get reported.

A friend of mine working for a gov dept recently told me that she completed a project for a few thousand dollars. She found out that another dept had attempted the same project for a million dollars. There response was to undermine her work. They simply couldn't understand how she had completed the task so efficiently.

I support the idea of government and there is probably some basis to this reports findings, but we need to find a way to bring public firm accountability into our government.

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