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By LRTSupporter (anonymous) | Posted April 17, 2009 at 21:45:11

It would make best sense to have both lanes of LRT on Main the entire stretch. This would allow for two-way conversion on King with two lanes in either direction, allowing for streetside off-peak metered parking on both sides of the street. Seeing as King is much more retail-focussed than Main, it makes perfect sense to allow proper two-way reconfiguration here. Retailers on King complain about the lack of streetside parking as it is. Imagine if the city proposes removing it, or even reducing it to just one side of the street.

With two lanes of LRT on Main, it will still allow for three lanes of automobile traffic for two-way conversion. Why not configure two eastbound lanes and one westbound on Main between Dundurn and James, then one lane eastbound and two westbound between James and the Delta. This would allow for off-peak streetside parking on one side of the street, and two lanes of traffic into the core from the east and from the west. This would automatically reconfigure Main to be a street that feeds the downtown core rather than an express route through the downtown.

Demographically this would be the best of both worlds. It allows King to strengthen its curbside retail elements, and allows for Main to focus on a complementary role, focussing on mixed-use commercial office space and residential condominium developments.

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