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By LL (registered) - website | Posted April 20, 2009 at 00:41:11

Oh yeah. And in direct-democracy, confederal structures like spokescouncils or delegate councils can perform similar functions as management teams. Except with either elected / recallabe delegates with clearly limited powers, or with rotational "president for a day" type positions.

That way no one ever gets too far removed from rank-and-file concerns. The more everybody is empowered, the less wasteful power struggles occur. (In my experience in both public and private sector work, that's been one of the most inefficient things I've consistently seen - power struggles. And I think they tend to be worse in the private sector.)

And another thing, I wanted to say that I think public industries can become much more responsive to peoples' needs if some kind of democratic accountability were in place. I'm not talking about putting hospitals

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