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By David SB (anonymous) | Posted April 20, 2009 at 13:54:05

Wow, tons of condescension in both the blog post and the subsequent comments. Why is a desert city intrinsically less sustainable than a coastal city prone to hurricanes or a riverbank city prone to floods? All locations have their challenges, and how we manage those challenges is a testament to our ingenuity. As for alleged plans to drain the Great Lakes to provide for green lawns in Phoenix, I've never heard serious talk of that -- just paranoid delusions on various blogs and discussion forums. Phoenix has a much more secure water supply than most outsiders realize, although there's certainly a lot more that can be done to promote conservation. Despite the unfortunate tone of the discussion here, it's great that our newn light rail system is getting noticed as far away as Ontario. It's a great step forward for our city and will be even better once 37 additional miles of extension lines are built.

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