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By jason (registered) | Posted April 21, 2009 at 22:31:31

I agree with you. I too, noticed the way they added and removed certain stations with each option. I'm guessing it wasn't done intentionally but more conceptually. There would certainly be room for good public input when it comes time to design the route. One of the problems of the current B-Line is the huge gap between stops in the central part of the city. I realize the rationale for the HSR to do this - to keep the bus moving.
LRT removes this obstacle by having it's own lane, signal priority and no tickets being handed in when boarding. None of this current crap where one person takes 5 minutes to make up their mind whether they want to board or can't find their fare and slows the whole bus down.

LRT will enable stops at logical spots like Dundurn, Locke, Queen, Bay, James, Ferguson etc....

As well as Sherman, Gage, Ottawa etc.... in the central city.

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