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By jason (registered) | Posted April 22, 2009 at 22:13:04

grassroots, you're right about personality etc...not coming through online. it's one of the things I hate about blogging. conversations in person would never resort to the name-calling and stupid stuff that happens on here.
I know Rusty and know exactly what he meant when I read it. Stats don't lie. Poor neighbourhoods are overlooked. Look at the community organization to fight off the Maple Leaf factory on the east Mountain. Compare that with less successful attempts by NE Hamilton neighbourhoods to keep out more incinerators, composting facilties etc.... I remember some east Mountain residents suggesting that Maple Leaf locate in North Hamilton. In other words, 'this project is harmful to us and has no place near homes....unless those homes are located in Hamilton's lower city. Then it's fine.'

Grassroots, you're also right about handouts. I've never seen poor people given billions and billions of dollars, much of which has to be printed because it doesn't exist. Its pretty easy to see who's really getting the handouts and government money all the time.

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