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By Terrible (anonymous) | Posted April 23, 2009 at 12:52:43

Besides the obvious density (for 8 months/year), there is no real loss to nixing this development.

In true London ON development fashion, they have decided to hide this building far from the street rather than right up to the street (what's 'street-front retail' if it's not fronting onto a street?), the building itself is boxy and ugly, and Mac obviously loves the development as it allows more MONEY, err, students to be packed into their already over-packed classrooms!

Take a look at the development itself, and decide on your own.

I'm all about development, but this is the wrong kind in the wrong place! Lets bring some Mac kids downtown. Some will only reach this way if they're forced to! Ask any Mac student... some don't even know where Downtown Hamilton is!!

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