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By Fartsy (anonymous) | Posted April 24, 2009 at 14:44:54

Yes an LRT is transformative, but the pics really focus on the effectiveness of large pieces of public art to focus attention on a city's assets.

Imagine something like Phoenix' sculpture hanging over Hamilton's Gore Park. Imagine the projection of visual art on some of Trevor Jones medieval brick walls along King and Main, or the James St. Armouries. Imagine a weekly light show on the upper deck of Jackson Square. Imagine the WOW-factor of some of Phoenix' light displays in Hamilton's city hall forecourt. Imagine the howls of protest, despite their relative affordability, at taxpayer expendiatures for such attractions.

This is highly subjective, and not a knock against the city needing a multi-use civic stadium removed from residential neighbourhoods, but I'm much more likely to find myself in downtown Phoenix to see that sculpture up close than I am to attend Ticat, soccer or the Pan Am games within the next ten years. I long ago learned that actual sporting events are far better appreciated on telly, but I'd put my butt on a bench for a replay of the opening show to the Beijing Olympics.

BTW, anyone but me enjoyed the overhead projections on Las Vegas' historic Freemont St?

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