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By jason (registered) | Posted April 24, 2009 at 17:19:18

You're bang on fartsy, with the public art ideas. My point in focusing on the LRT aspect is because up until now there's been nothing in 'downtown' Phoenix to do, and there certainly hasn't been masses of people coming to just enjoy the urban environment in downtown Phoenix. This is what can be done once people rediscover their urban core. In Hamilton, we absolutely should do the things you mention.

Steel curved panels that are lit up at night on the outside of Hamilton Place. A huge installation in front of city hall and in Gore Park. The King William art walk has potential assuming it gets creative and bold, and not just a series of murals. James North is the obvious choice for some great public art in the form of bike locks, benches, lights, signage etc....

Hamilton's urban core is so much more urban and busy with people than Phoenix. We need to start doing stuff like this immediately. Heck, develop an Art Park connecting the new PanAm stadium with Bayfront Park. Great views of the water with dynamic art pieces like Millenium Park in Chicago and the Art Park (forget the name) in downtown Seattle.

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