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By Tecumseh (registered) | Posted April 25, 2009 at 16:36:16

I was just chatting with Bob Bratina today down at the market and he loves the new location. He said that he thinks the temporary location is better than the old spot. I mentioned how the York Blvd changes and the market re-design would make the old place a lot better, but he wasn't convinced. He suggested that when it came time to move back to the old location the stall-holders wouldn't want to! He said the business was better in the new spot already, being closer to the office buildings. He said something about maybe using the original spot as an art market or something else.

I personally think the new spot's just fine as a temporary location, but as Jason mentioned, there's no street presence, and that's pretty important. Jackson Square and the City Centre both turn their backs on the street, but the market renovations go a long way to fixing how that super-block relates to the street. Leaving the farmer's market buried in the mall would pass up a great chance at re-engaging with the street.

I do like the wide aisles and logically organized layout of the temporary spot though.

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