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By Jelly (anonymous) | Posted April 27, 2009 at 11:34:06

Whether anyone likes the new location or not, what's most important is that we support the vendors and keep the market busy- I hope we don't lose any vendors during the renovation because people are less inclined to use the new space. Truth is, regardless of what space the market inhabits, the people and stallholders are what makes the market what it is.

I made a visit over the weekend, and I have mixed feelings. The new market is definitely better than what I expected from a temporary space- I was expecting something close to the temporary mall the city made for businesses whose properties were expropriated in order to build the mall- from what I've read it was a series of portables on a muddy lot.

That said, I'd hate to see this become the permanent location. The old space had it's problems, but it also had it's advantages- abundant natural light (in some parts), two levels, street access and a real sense of flow- no matter where you entered the market, you could walk in one big circle and see everything. I don't get that same sense in this space, things seem a little jumbled.

I hope the tenants are able to get used to this space over the next 18 months and make it work, but I think it lacks real vision to expect that they get used to it as a permanent location. It's good to see a part of Jackson Square that has been shut off for the better part of a decade in use again. However I'd much rather see York street come to life again than just an amputated section of the mall.

Lumping the market in with the mall seems to devalue the market- the market is a long-standing part of what makes Downtown Hamilton great- it needs it's own dedicated space, to be set apart from all the dollar stores and presented as something we're proud of. As Farmer's Market Santa, I wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

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