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By Fartsy (anonymous) | Posted April 27, 2009 at 12:59:13

Since we're dreaming BIG Jason, let's envision a walkway that begins at Sam Lawrence Park's upper plateau, crossing the Jolley Cut to, say, a hotel rooftop, the building descending to Charleton St. (with a geo-thermal water-cooling water feature in keeping with the city's waterfall character) and a pathway along the CP rail line to Ferguson Ave, and the revitalized King St. E. (and the Gore Park & City Hall & Jackson Sq. upper deck features we've mentioned) and then along King William, with the over-arching Freemont St. displays extending north along James to the bayfront. Or at least to the CN rail corridor.

Now this link between the escarpment and the waterfront WOULD make Hamilton a significant tourist centre, I believe. Could the west end of Jackson Square be developed as an urban theme park (multi-story waterslides, virtual rides, arcades and a ferris-wheel) do you think? Maybe a theme, like the history of transportation in North America via St. Lawrence & Mississippi Valleys. Rides through the flora & fauna & landscapes.

If we only had money, huh?

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