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By FenceSitter (anonymous) | Posted April 27, 2009 at 16:06:25

Re: comment by Food Courtier

Yes, you are correct. A completely different and refreshing experience from the Jackson food court.

How has the City of Hamilton temp relocation affected you down there??

Re: >>save joe-lazy a 2 minute walk from his office tower...

I agree with you completely on the above comment Jason. But one must know his customer or potential customers. When I worked downtown in the Bell building, I had 30min for lunch. And I mean 30min. Big brother would be onto me if i logged on back to my workstation a mere second late.

This left me with very little time to head down to certain areas of the mall (I am refering more to City Centre), to support the local (non corporate) entities in the mall (Even harder for the hardy smokers who needs half that time to suck back 1 or 2 cigarettes, then line up for 10min at Tim's).

How many other workers in the complex suffered the same issues.

All of my visits to the Farmers Market were before or after work. The problem here, maybe a sad reflection of society and brings us back to sprawl and long commutes, is that most people I worked with did not live locally (I normally walked or hopped on a bus) and wanted to get out as soon as their shift ended.

There are countless reasons people do or do not shop at Jackson Square, or any other Mall/Big box strip. There may be hundreds of lazy-joes who just need the right incentive to stay and shop a while.

Mall owners tend to be experts in extracting value from a piece of land/building through rent, but very poor on the customer experience and marketing side.

Plus there are two owners of the adjacent malls, does this have an impact?

Jackson square is probably in better shape than many downtown mall in Canada/US. There is hope yet.

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