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By BS (anonymous) | Posted April 29, 2009 at 08:55:48

To be fair, Jason, the north end is already seperated by the CN tracks (and several bridges). There is more than enough room in that depression (where the CN lines are currently) to build a Burlignton St Extension, perhaps connecting to the 403 in a below-grade fashion around the junction as to not disturb the canal or the waterfront trail.

I'm sure this extension wouldn't disconnect the north-end from Downtown anymore than it already is, again, due to the tracks. In fact, I'm quite sure the benefits of two-way Main (and possibly King), along with the A-Line in the North End area would far outweigh any loss of a park that runs right beside train tracks.

Also, it would be a benefit to having a stadium right along it's route, so the suburban "no easy highway access" claim could be dismissed.

I live downtown, frequent the north end (well, Bayfront Parks) and I don't see this as a problem so much as a solution to the two-way conversion squelchers. It's all about give-and-take; everyone wins!

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